Hygienic shipping: How Organic SCA keeps your shipping safe and environmentally friendly

hand care  Hygienic shipping: How Organic SCA keeps your shipping safe and environmentally friendly

If you’re worried about shopping online and how your parcels are being handled during COVID-19, fear not, at Organic SCA we have taken the necessary precautions to make sure that your package is delivered to you safely.

The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that it's very unlikely for a package to be contaminated after being exposed to different conditions. So, the chances of contracting a virus from your package is very low. 

On their website, the WHO says that, “The most important thing to know about Coronavirus on surfaces is that they can easily be cleaned with common household disinfectants that will kill the virus.” And the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says, “There's no evidence of the virus being transmitted through food or packaging.”

So while we have taken every precaution to keep your package hygienic, if you are concerned when your package arrives, you can use a household disinfectant to wipe your package when you receive it. 

Remember to wash your hands after handling your package for 20 seconds with soapy water, and use a rich moisturizing hand cream to keep your hands soft and supple. 

How Organic SCA keeps your shipping safe

To make sure that your products are kept safe, we use Shipbob and Amazon to get your special Organic SCA creams to your door, as both services have put in place the strictest health and safety regulations. 

ShipBob Covid-19 Safety Measures:

  • Every person at the fulfillment centre is required to wear protective clothing, which include gloves and masks. 
  • Employees are required to have their temperature checked before they start their shift.
  • Social distancing regulations have been put in place and no groups of more than 15 people can meet together.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting is done hourly, with cleaning of all surfaces done multiple times per hour.

You can find out more about the precautions that ShipBob have put in place here on their website.

Amazon Covid-19 Safety Measures:

Amazon, as a retailer that specializes in online service delivery, have spared no expense to make sure they keep your packages safe during this time. By June they will have expected an investment of $4 billion to Covid-19  related initiatives. 

Some of these measures currently include:

  • Enhanced cleaning of their facilities.
  • Updating the working environment and processes to allow for social distancing of employees.
  • Adding sanitizing measures across sites for all employees, including masks, additional handwashing stations, gloves, hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays and wipes. 
  • Increased wages for their hourly teams, and increased their compensation and overtime packages for staff. And the Amazon Relief Fund was created to help employees under financial strain.
  • Added 5,765+ janitorial staff to their teams.
  • Developing Covid-19 testing capabilities.

You can find out more about the precautions that Amazon have put in place for your safety here on their website

Organic SCA cares about your health and the environment, we are proud to be working with these two companies that are not only going above and beyond in ensuring that your packages are kept safe, but that they are also taking care of their staff and creating jobs for our community. 

To prevent your hands from drying out due to increased washing and hand sanitizing, use our Nourishing Hand Cream, which contains 20-25% pure shea butter, great for protecting and reliving your hands during this time. 

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Don't just take our word for it though, here are some of our customer reviews from Amazon:

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