4 natural ingredients that are beneficial for dry skin

Skincare tips Natural ingredients that are great for dry skin conditions

A blog post medically edited by Dr. Jen Haley, Board Certified Dermatologist.

Whether you have naturally dry skin, or you are struggling with environmental, hormonal, or side effects from acne treatment, dry skin can be an uncomfortable and frustrating condition. Even oily skin can suffer from drying effects from time to time, which is why shea butter is a great all-round treatment for the various skin types and conditions found in the family.

Prized for its ability to restore dry, flaky, peeling, or cracked skin, shea butter is naturally rich in omega fatty acids and contains anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties, making it extremely beneficial for treating dry skin and conditions often associated with diseases such as psoriasis and dermatitis. And as a natural emollient that is non-comedogenic, shea butter works to restore skin to an optimal condition without blocking pores - so those that suffer from breakouts do not need to compromise optimal hydration for clear skin.

In addition to shea butter, there are other natural ingredients that provide comfort for your family’s dry skin concerns, which you will find in Organic SCA products. Here are the top 4 natural ingredients that are great for alleviating conditions related to dry skin which you will find listed in the Organic SCA range of creams.

1. Shea butter

Shea butter contains a high concentration of Vitamin K which holds extremely potent skin healing properties. Typically, lotions rich in Vitamin K are prescribed to post-surgery patients to better facilitate the healing process. Research conducted in 2001 found that the topical application of Vitamin K in the orbital area under the eyes helped to diminish dark circles and pigmentation. Since Vitamin K is essential for optimal elastic tissue function, it is also great at treating stretch marks and minor burns.

2. Beeswax

Beeswax is used as a co-emulsifier in Organic SCA products and has naturally occlusive properties that do not block pores. This helps to hold moisture in the skin and creates a barrier to prevent the moisture from escaping, which subsequently makes for excellent diaper cream, sealing wounds and allowing healing to occur. Beeswax is also a fantastic addition to shaving cream, helping to soften the skin after shaving and reducing the likelihood of developing ingrown hairs. 

3. Palm kernel oil

Palm kernel oil is a great source of lauric acid, oleic acid, and at 80% saturated fat it is also deeply moisturizing. Naturally occurring fatty acids are extremely high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Oil extracted from the palm kernel has historically been used to treat rashes and skin irritation in rural communities in Africa. Research also suggests that palm kernel oil is rich in antimicrobial properties. Palm kernel oil is also effective in lessening the prominence of stretch marks by contributing to the elasticity of the skin. As with all Organic SCA products, we only use ingredients from sustainable sources.

4. White tea extract

White tea extract creates a soothing natural aroma in addition to its inherent healing properties. Known as the "elixir of youth" in China, white tea contains higher quantities of antioxidants and anti-viral properties as it is harvested at an earlier stage than most teas. When applied topically to the skin, antioxidants help defend the skin from inflammation by reducing oxidative stress. This helps in maintaining and balancing the skin's own defense system, allowing it to be naturally healthy and beautiful.  

Shea butter, along with beeswax, palm kernel oil, and white tea extract provides a unique combination of ingredients that help to gently heal, soothe and protect the skin of everyone in the family - from baby to teen and from mom to dad. 

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