10 reasons people love our natural Shea Butter Skincare Creams

Shea butter 10 reasons people love Organic SCA natural Shea Butter Skincare Creams

What’s not to love about richly moisturizing, naturally produced shea butter products? Organic SCA priority is making a range of creams for the whole family that’s free from harmful chemicals and full of the goodness of shea butter - meaning you use even on problem skin. 

Here are 10 reasons why our products are loved and used by families across the world, with testimonials from some of our customers.

1. We use a high percentage of shea butter

Many brands that include shea butter on their labels are relying on the fact that most people don’t read the list of ingredients on the back.

Many of these products only contain a very small percentage of shea butter, between 1-2%. When you are choosing a skincare product, take a look at the order of the listed ingredients; if the ingredient is low down on the list, a low quantity of it has been used in the product.

In contrast, our products are 20-25% shea butter - and you can tell when you use it that it feels different to other shea butter products because of this: rich, but not oily, and deeply moisturizing.

Our goal was to focus on the highest possible amount of shea butter in a cream, and our customers can really tell the difference.

Organic SCA Voted Best Hydrating Hand Cream


2. Makes your skin incredibly soft

Shea butter is renowned for its softening and moisturizing effect on the skin and this is something our customers have commented on across our range. Paired with palm kernel oil and the soft scent of white tea, our range is uniquely soothing to skin.

Organic SCA reviewed for providing deep moisturization for dry skin


3. We support the shea butter farmers

Because of our focus on finding naturally farmed, low-chemical sources of shea butter, we have developed a relationship with shea butter farmers in Burkina Faso. As we say on our website, our co-founder, Line Kewe, has worked closely with some of the farmers of this magical ingredient. Much like cocoa butter, shea butter isn’t “farmed” as much as it is taken care of and nurtured, which inherently means there are no pesticides and other chemicals used in production.

Line Kewe has a unique relationship and authority to shea butter and brings her wealth of knowledge to every Organic SCA product. During her studies, Line worked with women’s associations in rural areas of Burkina Faso for six months, successfully formulating and implementing a strategic model to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of shea butter trademark, and product quality certification. You can find out more about Line and Organic SCA here on our website.

Organic SCA Hand Cream reviewed for exceptional quality


4. Helps with multiple skin concerns

Stretch marks, itchy skin, eczema, ingrown hairs, rashes, acne - there are many skincare concerns that our products can help soothe.

Shea butter is anti-bacterial and anti-aging, and though it’s not medication, it’s gentle and nurturing and is the least harmful product you can use on sensitive skin. Pregnant women love our face and body cream to prevent stretch marks, men love its smoothing effect on their razor stubble, and babies love how easily absorbent it and its gentle effects on nappy rash.

Organic SCA review of 3 in 1 shave cream, best shave cream for men and women


5. Luxurious scent

With white tea fragrance and the delicate aroma of shea butter, our products are gently scented and add a spa-feeling to your every day moisturizing.

Organic SCA cream reviewed for its scent of white tea extract


6. Good for the whole family

Not only have we developed a range that is great for use by every member of the family, we also leave out all the nasty stuff, like artificial penetration enhancers to drive ingredients deeper into the skin. Instead we focus on a high percentage of organic shea butter and oil from palm kernels.

Organic SCA creams great for all the family


7. Developed from a doctor’s perspective

As one of the co-founders, I worked closely with Line to develop sophisticated products safe for most skin types. As a medical doctor, board-certified in Endocrinology, I help in customizing the products to meet real-life concerns while ensuring that the formulas are safely designed to meet the requirements of a sophisticated consumer market. You can find out more about me, Line and Organic SCA here, on our website.

Organic SCA shea butter creams reviewed for being a great price and quality product

8. Natural and organic ingredients

With organic products you are safe from pesticides, which can be quite dangerous for both the skin or body. We value being as close to nature as possible and this comes through in our soothing range, and is highly valued by parents for their little ones for this very reason.

Organic SCA review from Amazon customer for its good ingredients


9. Gentle and soothing for babies

Shea butter is a great all rounder, which makes it good for the whole family to use. It is also very soothing and gentle, with anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a wonderful ingredient for baby products. Not only that, but unlike other babycare skin products, shea butter absorbs easily into the skin, so it is comfortable for your little ones.

Organic SCA baby body cream rated for its gentle scent and safe use


10. A little goes a long way

Because our creams are formulated to be easily absorbed, lightweight and non-greasy, a little bit of the product goes a long way. And with every product being suitable for every member of the family, so no matter how much the teenagers in the house use, there will be more than enough for everyone.

A small amount of Organic SCA creams go a long way, suitable for the whole family as review on Amazon


As you can see, there are many reasons to love our products. Why not give them a try yourself? Enjoyed reading this blog? Why not download our checklist on the 15 things should never do to your skin.

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